Not only to get salmon in Bergeforsen when the water is haunting .....

Have heard many comments blanking fish brothers and other people, it's only going to Berge and retrieve salmon. So it is certainly not always! Watched the ramp for 2 days and the wrong discharge came up a salmon, the good water 3 salmons at 8 man! South side the same period, three salmon! 5 Man! It was habit salmon fishermen in both places! Water and number of salmon is the key to good fishing even in Bergeforsen! On Saturday it came up one salmon on the ramp and 3 of the South!

Fishing first day was really hard with heavy weights and long casts! 2 Drill tions, I had the entire session!

The day after the water was too low instead! But with 1mm line I managed to get a salmon anyways!

We sat and discussed what we would do, go home or try to switch to night shift right after our day pass. Stefan was convinced that we would take a chance on the night. Night Pass was.

We said that if we still could have 50-100 m3 it could be good. Vips so they raised 60 m3! What a difference!! We drilled fish iparti and minute! Hard to count the drill estimates, but certainly 15-20 was! It resulted in a dropped at the net for Stefan and 2 linbrott with nice salmon on the hook, and a land!

I had lots of drill-offs with a 15-20 kg's Larre who sat in the pelvic fins! Consider how the drill when no one was Larren wanted to lose Stura gap! 100m boxer spirit of this salmon took the forces!

I said now I want to have a normal drill up if I have the energy! Certainly! A crazy salmon were next twirling! Now Micke out as an artist !! The next throw I felt I hooked a salmon wrong, probably in the butt! Time for boxer ring back then !! Luckily Chance Cheng came and greeted the South, so he got in the bax!

But two salmon this day was really fun !!

So little difference on the water did EVERYTHING!